The climate crisis is real.

So are the solutions.

It is time for
Action Not Excuses.

Tomorrow is too late.

Action Not Excuses is a global youth-led environmental campaign supporting 100,000 young people to create green jobs, fight for zero waste and pollution, and reverse deforestation. Join our platform to take urgent action, connect with young people around the world, and equip yourself with the knowledge and skills to make a difference.

It is time for Action Not Excuses because tomorrow is too late.

Get involved. Join other young people taking and leading climate action.

Getting involved online is the gateway to taking action yourself, showcasing your impact, mobilise others and support the thousands of young people around the world who are already creating solutions and making change happen.

50,000 young people create green jobs for a sustainable recovery
from the pandemic.

75,000 young people lead the fightback against waste
and pollution.

10,000 young people plant 10 million trees to combat
the climate crisis.

Stand with us.

Young people need our support to lead the action necessary to address the climate emergency. Action Not Excuses will bring together and help fund youth-led campaigns, exciting green initiatives, and new environmental projects so young people can lead and take action where they are and collaborate around the world. You have a vital role to play by donating to
Action Not Excuses.




Action Not Excuses x Raleigh International

Action Not Excuses is Raleigh International’s youth-led global environmental campaign. It will launch on 24 March 2021 to support young people around the world to take positive climate action. You can sign up now to stand with young people, stay up to date with the campaign, and hear more about the action you can support – and take yourself – to help tackle the climate emergency.